Monthly Archives: August, 2009

Thrift Savings Plan withdrawal rules


Q: I am under the Federal Employees Retirement System with 10 years of frozen Civil Service Retirement System. I withdrew my CSRS and need to redeposit $30,000 to receive full benefits. At retirement, can I take money out of my Thrift Savings Plan to pay this redeposit? A: You are only permitted to take withdrawals from the TSP under the usual restrictions. There is not special exception for this purpose. — Mike Miles

Law enforcement retirement


Q: I’m retiring at end of year. I will collect my 33 percent and Social Security supplement. I am under law enforcement at federal prisons. I will be 52 with 20 years of service. I don’t want an annuity when I decide to collect from the Thrift Savings Plan. Can you explain why they will not penalize my other two, but they will penalize my TSP if I collect now? After all, this is part of my retirement just like the other two. Are there ways to avoid being penalized? A: Because you will be retiring under the special provision…

TSP payouts


Q: I am receiving monthly withdrawals from my Thrift Savings Plan account. I would like to make a partial lump sum withdrawal and continue receiving my monthly amount for the next 30 years. Is this possible or do I need to withdraw the total amount? A: Use form TSP-77 to request a one-time partial withdrawal. — Mike Miles

TSP maximum contributions


Q: I intend to retire in July 2010. I would like to make maximum allowable contributions to my Thrift Savings Plan during that year. Is it legal/permissable to make the maximum yearly contribution allowed by IRS rules between January and July? Or must it be over a 12 month period? A: The annual limits are not pro-rated. You may contribute the entire annual limit during a partial year of employment. — Mike Miles

Flexible spending account


Q: Can I use my health spending account or flexible saving account to take CPR and First Aid classes or buy First Aid kits? A: Neither of these appears in the list of Qualified Medical Expenses appearing in IRS Publication 502. I can’t say whether or not someone has figured out a way qualify them for payment, however. — Mike Miles