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Q. I plan to retire from the federal government in the near future (I will have 32 years). I wish to pay my house off ($74,000) with my Thrift Savings Plan earnings. Is this a good idea? The interest rate on my house is 5.75 percent, and I realize that 20 percent will be taxed when I decide to withdraw from TSP. Should I transfer to an outside facility? I do not wish to have a house payment when I retire. A. It’s impossible to say whether this is a good idea for you without understanding and analysis beyond the…

Q. Will you be allowed to withdraw the principal (not the interest earned) from your Roth TSP account after the five-year seasoning period and without any retirement age restrictions? Do the Internal Revenue Service’s rules on Roth 401(k) or a Roth IRA apply to Roth TSP? A. The early withdrawal penalty covers Roth distributions prior to age 59½.

Q. As I read the information in the retirement pamphlets, it states that “a blood or adopted relative closer than first cousins (this includes children, siblings and a parent) are presumed to have an insurable interest.” If I retire in good health, could I elect an insurable interest survivor benefit for my adult son or daughter (blood relatives) even though they are not my dependent or disabled? A. Yes.

Q. I am a Defense Department employee under CSRS, and am eligible to retire in two years at age 55. I have been making contributions to the Voluntary Contributions Program for many years. Under VC regulations, upon withdrawing the account (among other options), I can roll over the interest portion of my VC balance direct to my Thrift Savings Program, and receive my contributions portion back as a cash refund, from the Office of Personnel Management. On the upcoming Roth TSP, will there be an option to roll my VC portion, direct to the Roth TSP, in addition to rolling the…

Q. I would like to withdraw monthly payments from my Thrift Savings Plan that are less than the monthly interest might be. Is this possible? A. Yes, but you’ll have to pick the dollar amount.

Q: I’m retirement eligible and in the Federal Employees Retirement System. I’m 60 years old and, after having paid for my military years, I’m two months away from 40 years of service. Does my Thrift Savings Plan account continue to draw interest as I receive my annuities? A: Your TSP account continues to produce the returns that accrue to the funds in which it is invested.