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Q. I just read your article in today’s Federal Times. I just looked at my TSP account and I am investing in the G, F and C funds. As of June I will have 21 years of service. I asked my boss when will I be able to go to the Retirement Seminar and she informed me that there are six people ahead of me. Last year the office sent two people; at this rate I will be screwed because I am trying to prepare now for my retirement. After reading your article it has inspired me to invest in the other funds at 5 percent and change the three that I am currently vested into 21.66 percent each. I know you can’t advise me on what to do, but based on your article, am I headed in the right direction?

A. Being invested in all five funds, in most cases, is preferable to concentration in fewer. I can’t say whether or not the allocation you’ve chosen is right for your needs, however, and you won’t get this answer from a retirement seminar, either.


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