TSP contributions post-retirement


Q: I will be retiring in couple of years. Will I be able to contribute to my Thrift Savings Plan after retirement?  If so, is there any limit on contributing? If not, how will my TSP grow if I am not able to contribute?

A: If you’re not receiving a federal paycheck, the only way you can contribute to the TSP is through a transfer from an eligible IRA or retirement plan account.


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  1. The answer will probably change by the end of the year – there is legislation introduced to allow annual leave balance to TSP, up to the annual maximum. Assume passage, then the example below will become reality.

    As an example, if you retired 12/31/10 or 12/31/11 and have annual leave balance worth $30K. Up to $22K will be allowed to transferred to TSP ($15,500 + $5,500 if 50 or older) – tax sheltered (limits for the calendar year). The remaining $8,000 is taxable wage income.

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