Distributing TSP funds


Q: I truly do not know what I’m doing with my Thrift Savings Plan funds. I’ve been told to divesify them; what exactly does that mean? If you were to look at this breakdown (figures rounded slightly) and know that I won’t retire for 21 years, what recommendation(s) would you make?

L 2040 Lifecycle Fund: 74.72 percent of total funds, $21,423; F Fund: 5.33 percent, $1,529; G Fund: 5.28 percent, $1,515; C Fund: 4.91 percent, $1,408; I Fund: 4,88 percent, $1,400; S Fund: 4.88 percent, $1,398.

A: Consider the following growth allocation: 55 percent C Fund, 26 percent S Fund, 9 percent I Fund, 5 percent G Fund and 5 percent F Fund.


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