Transfers into Roth TSP from existing TSP


Q. The TSP withdrawal form# TSP-70 under the heading “Transfers” states:

Transfer Option. If, in Item 23, you choose to withdraw any portion of

your account as a single payment or monthly payments for a fixed dollar

amount that results in payments that are expected to be completed in

less than 120 months, you may be able to transfer all or any portion of

the payment(s) to a traditional IRA, eligible employer plan, or Roth IRA

Is there any reason you know of why we would not be able to make SEPP transfers from our existing TSP accounts into a future Roth TSP account so long as the transfers are completed in less than 10 years?
A. I don’t believe that section 72t  are not eligible for Rollover or Roth conversion, but you’ll need to consult a CPA or other qualified tax advisor to be sure in your case.


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