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Q: My wife and I are both 56 and planning to retire in the next couple of years. Is it possible for my wife to transfer her Army nonappropriated fund employee 401(k) funds into my Thrift Savings Plan account? I called the TSP office regarding TSP transfers from 401(k) accounts. The TSP office said I can only transfer my 401(k) funds to my TSP account. My wife cannot transfer her private sector job 401(k) funds 401(k) funds to my TSP accounts

A: That question has been answered numerous times in the archive. The fact is that retirement plan accounts are individually owned and your wife’s 401k assets can’t be moved into your 401k account.


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  1. Your wife can withdraw her money and give it to you to
    redeposit into your TSP. There is no law against that. Anyone over 50 is allowed to put extra into their TSP.

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