Choosing a TSP fund


Q: I’ve retired from the post office (CSRS) but haven’t decided just what to do with my TSP. Just to keep it safe, I’ve left all of it in the G-Fund. Do you think I should move it to one of the L-Funds. I probably won’t touch it for another year or two.

A: Not until you know what to do with it, which is what a good investment adviser is for. How you prudently invest your money will depend upon a number of important variables including your age, your marital status, your health, where you live, your current and future retirement income and, maybe most importantly, how much you’d like to have to spend and when you’d like to spend it. The investment strategy you employ should be selected based on a robust probability analysis that takes your goals and circumstances, as well as the characteristics of the strategy, into account. Depending upon your particulars, moving from the G Fund to an L Fund may, or may not, be a good move.


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