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Q. On the TSP calculator “How Much Will My Savings Grow?” there is a field asking me to “Enter the number of years that you expect to keep your money in the TSP”  I am trying to figure out how to answer this field.  If at age 56 I choose the annuity or TSP monthly payment option, a large portion of my dollars will remain in the account.  Only the monthly payments will be deducted.  So, would I tell the calculator that the number of years my money will remain in the TSP would the number of years I am expected to live which for me is 36? (92-56=36)?  Or a lesser number since the fund will decrease over time?

A. Unfortunately, the TSP calculator you’re using is very simple and won’t handle the type of analysis you’re looking for. Also, if you use your balance to purchase an annuity, none of the money you use for this will remain in your TSP account.


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