Transferring TSP funds


Q: With all the recent craziness going on in Washington on whether or not to raise the national debt ceiling or face a national financial disaster? Is it wise to do an inter-fund transfer of all your TSP assets into G fund while this whole mess gets sorted out? Or should I leave the funds alone.

A: What you do should be part of an overall strategy. What’s best for one approach may be wrong for another approach. It’s like asking whether you should turn your car left or right. It depends upon where you’re going, when you need to get there, the car you’re driving, resources at your disposal, and most importantly who’s driving and how they will manage the journey in the future. I would only trust specific investment advice from someone willing to take responsibility for the outcomes produced by that advice. For what it’s worth, I am not advising my clients to abandon their long-term investment strategies at this point. But, I’m also responsible for dealing with the consequences of that advice.


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