Q: I am 47 and recently retired from active duty because of a 100-percent disability. In a nutshell, my financial sitrep: Roth IRA $60K; Uniformed service TSP $38K; debt $450K (house $400K, Credit Card $29K, Cars $21K), retirement and disability income is $6K per month; one spouse; no children. I am considering rolling the Roth IRA into the TSP and taking a partial withdrawal of $50K to pay off credit card and car loans. We’ve cut back but make little headway against the credit card. I am expected to live another 20-30 years but am unemployable per the Veterans Affairs Department. Is this a good idea? I am open to other options. What fund allocation would you recommend in the TSP for a person in my situation?

A: You’re asking for specific investment advice, which I can’t give you through this forum. I can tell you that you can’t transfer your Roth IRA into your TSP account. You should consider using the L Funds for your TSP investment. Visit for information and guidance.


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