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Q. I am a federal employee and I have a TSP account from which I am trying to take out a residential loan. So far I have faxed in my information four times and I am told every time that a different page is unreadable. The issue is I have sent each fax from a different fax machine and there is an issue every time. I would like to follow a complaint, but the thrift line is no help. How would I go about filing a formal complaint?

A. The Federal Thrift Retirement Investment Board administers the TSP. You can contact them through their website at www.frtib.gov.


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  1. I’ve experienced a similar situation in the past. The issue at the time was that the forms are Adobe fillable forms. If you have the “highlight fields” turned on, and then print the paperwork to fax it in, it blacks out all the fields because of the darker highlight/shading due to the feature being turned on. Try turning the “highlight fields” option off in Adobe before printing the papers, and see if they get it this time. Worked for me!

  2. After two failures, I would’ve mailed a hard copy.

    The complaint may be legitimate but the fault not the TSP’s.

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