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Q. I’ve been putting about $2,500 a year into the G and F funds. Should I continue to do that, or switch to an L Fund or perhaps a Roth? I’m 25 with four years of service in?

A. Sorry, but we don’t give individual investment advice through this forum. Your asset allocation seems very conservative for your age, however.


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  1. You should endeavor to invest as much money as your income and budget allows. As a rule of thumb you want to max out your TSP and (consider a Roth) IRA – that’s $17k + $5k = $22k before taxable investing. The L Funds are a great option for diversified investing, the higher the number the more aggressive the fund. I’d consider looking at the L2040.

    Invest as much as you can, the sooner the better. $100 invested this year is worth more than $100 invested 10 or 20 years from now.

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