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Q. I have an existing Roth account with AmeriFund. The beneficiary to this fund is my daughter. If I roll this over into the Thrift Savings Plan, can I still have my daughter beneficiary and my husband beneficiary of my traditional TSP, since the funds remain in separate pretaxed and nontaxed accounts?

A. One beneficiary designation will apply to both the traditional and Roth balances in your TSP account.


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  1. Just to clarify from “A New TSP Element”:

    “You will be able to transfer Roth 401(k), Roth 403(b), and Roth 457(b) (but not Roth IRA) money into the Roth balance in your TSP account.”

    If that Roth account from AmeriFund is a Roth IRA, you cannot transfer it to the Roth TSP.

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