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Q. I was contributing to the Thrift Savings Plan since 2002, when the program started, until 2009. I don’t contribute now on a monthly basis because I am not a government employee yet. I still put in money from time to time, like rolling over a 401(k) from a previous job. I have close to six figures in my plan. I plan on working for another 20 years, hopefully in the government sector soon. I currently have all my money in the G Fund. I have always been nervous to put money into those other funds. Can you provide me tips on what is the safest option outside of the G Fund, even the lifecycle funds?

A. Every situation is different and it’s impossible to know how you should invest your money without knowing exactly what you’ll need from it and when. Without a comprehensive investment planning and management program, the best you can do is to invest the money in the L Fund that matches your time horizon and cross your fingers.


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  1. If by “safest” you mean the L fund least likely to lose money then the L – Income fund is the safest. But it may not be the best option for you. The higher number L funds L-2040 & L-2050 are more aggressive with a greater risk and reward profile. The L-2020 and L-2030 are safer but are unlikey to do as well as the L-2040 & L-205o except in bad years.

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