Voluntary Contributions Program and rollover


Q. I am CSRS and eligible to retire now with 30 years at age 56. My salary excludes my wife and I from funding a Roth with more than $6,000 each year (except $22,500 allowable into new Roth TSP).

Let’s say I put $25,000 into the Voluntary Contributions Program with the intention of making a one-time, lump-sum withdrawal as soon as possible and roll the original $25,000 into a private Roth IRA.

I am told that doing so is a way to immediately fund a Roth that is not limited to my current $6,000 amount mentioned above. Do I understand this correctly, and is there a publication that specifically identifies these options? My financial adviser feels this is too good to be true if true.

A. It’s true. Maybe you should find another financial adviser.


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