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Q. I retired from federal service last year. The Office of Personnel Management made a direct rollover of my Voluntary Contributions Program after-tax contributions to a Roth IRA, and a direct rollover of my interest earned on those contributions to my Thrift Savings Plan account. However, OPM will not issue 1099Rs documenting these two direct rollovers, forcing me to file Form 4852 “substitute for 1099-R” with my 2012 tax return. This form requires these two direct rollovers to be identified with a distribution code. Of course, the Internal Revenue Service instructions aren’t that clear about which code is appropriate for each direct rollover.   It appears that both Code 7 and Code G are appropriate to use. Is there additional information, applicable guidance or relevant experience to offer regarding the correct codes for these two types of direct rollovers?

A. This is a question for your tax preparer.


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