TSP vs. IRA tax burden to spouse and heirs


Q. I will retire April 30 under FERS (law enforcement agent; I will be 66½ years old) and have been exploring options available regarding my Thrift Savings Plan account. I read with interest your Feb. 4 Federal Times article “Don’t overlook TSP for lowest-cost investment” but have the following questions concerning what happens to my TSP account funds if I predecease my wife/heirs before or after the required minimum distribution takes effect.

As the annuitant, upon reaching 70½, I would have 10 years to draw down my TSP funds. What happens if I predecease my wife/heirs during this time frame? It is my understanding they will have a 5-year drawdown period, which would subject them to a heavier tax burden. Is this assumption accurate?

If I roll over my TSP into an IRA and I predecease my wife/heirs, then they would have the option of rolling over the funds into their own individual IRAs therefore avoiding a significant tax burden. Is this accurate?

A. The rules for this are complex and depend upon a number of factors. Your questions leave open too many possibilities to cover here. I suggest that you review the notice at https://www.tsp.gov/PDF/formspubs/tsp-776.pdf and then come back with any specific questions that remain unanswered.


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