Government shutdown and transferring to G Fund


Q. Should I move everything to the G Fund now that we are shut down and there is the possibility that the government could run out of money within the next few weeks, forcing an unprecedented default?

A. That’s like telling me you’re driving and asking if you should hit the brakes! I don’t know where you’re going, when you need to be there, what you’re driving or how much gas you have in the tank. The person responsible for delivering you to your destination on time must make that decision based on their assessment of the situation and their knowledge of how they’ll behave down the road. If you do something now and wind up losing ground or time, will it cause a problem later? If so, will you be able to make up the lost time or resources?

If you go to the G Fund now and can’t stay there for good, when will you decide to move back out? When there’s no more risk? And, when will that be?

You should already be in the most conservative investment allocation that will support your financial goals with the minimum possible risk. If you’re not, move there without delay.


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