Holding on to capital


Q. I’ve just been flying straight with the L2030 plan until I can get some reliable advice. I would like to keep my capital I have in the Thrift Savings Plan, receive a monthly or quarterly check, and reinvest the amount I don’t need back into my capital. When I turn 70½ (in four years) I’ll have to start receiving the required minimum distribution, which I can’t reinvest. I don’t want to get an annuity because I’d have to give up my capital. How can I hold on to my capital, reinvest in it and possibly leave that money to my children or even my grandkids?

A. I don’t see a problem. The money in your TSP carries a tax liability that must be paid, eventually. There is no requirement that you spend the RMD. You can just move it from the TSP to a similar investment in a taxable discount brokerage account.


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