Choosing the right L Fund


Q. I have been serving in the military for almost 11 years and have contributed 10 percent of my base pay ever since joining. Unfortunately, all of those contributions have been to the G Fund. I am looking to increase my earnings and do not plan to pull from this account until 65. I am currently 28. Should I move all of my allocations to an L 2050 fund to increase these earnings, or manage it myself in the different Fund options? Any expertise in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

A. Assuming that you are early in your career and have many years until retirement, I recommend that you invest your money in the L Fund that most closely corresponds to your life expectancy. This will be the L 2050 Fund if you (or your dependent spouse) expect to survive more than about 30 years. This might not be the optimal solution, but it’s probably about the best you can do without a lot of analytic work.


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