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Q. I’m a Federal Technician (military employment required) employee age 55 with 37 years of service. I’m going to take a VERA and leave with 37 years 7 months on Aug. 31. I turn 56 in January 2015. I will receive a substantial military retirement check at age 60 and won’t need my TSP income at that point. I want to use my entire $113,000 TSP using a 72t starting at age 55 and going for 5 years until I’m 60.

Can I use the entire TSP amount or will I be forced to only get the small payments using the life expectancy tables?
Those calculations only give me about $414 a month.A. Since you are retiring during or after the calendar year in which you reach age 55, you will have access to your TSP balance without penalty. The 72t restrictions will not apply to you.


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