Moving TSP funds


Q. I plan to retire under FERS in December 2020 at age 66. All my investment is in the G Fund, $350,000, as are my allocations at 100 percent. I was advised to move 60 percent to the C fund and 40 percent to the F fund ASAP with the same allocations. I consider this a risky and aggressive move considering my situation, the economy, and that the S&P is overdue for at least a 20 percent correction by the end of this year. What do the experts advise.
A. This expert advises that you stick with the G Fund until you determine the correct allocation. That will be the allocation that will support your lifetime financial goals with the minimum possible amount of risk. If the G Fund will do it, stay there. If not, add risk prudently until the portfolio will do the job. When you’re not sure, the G Fund is the safest place to park the money until you are. If you don’t know how to determine the correct asset allocation model, I can do that for you. Visit my website at for more information.


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