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Q. Upon retirement I want to transfer my Roth TSP out so I have more flexibility with taxes. Currently, I have all of my TSP money invested into the Roth TSP. Once retired, I want to transfer all but $1 to another firm into both a regular IRA rollover and Roth IRA rollover so that the two  types of TSP accounts are no longer co-mingled. I then want to transfer my regular IRA back into the TSP in order to keep the two types of accounts separate (regular TSP at the TSP and Roth TSP with outside brokerage firm in a Roth IRA rollover). Is this feasible? The TSP doesn’t allow you to have distributions from one or the other, only both. This way I could set up my distributions separately for tax advantages.
A. The way I read the rules, this is feasible, but only if you leave the minimum balance in your TSP account, which is currently $200.


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