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Q. I am 63 and will be retiring under FERS probably within the next two years. Am I allowed to have my long-term girlfriend on my TSP annuity?

A. Maybe:

“If you chose a TSP annuity that provides for a joint annuitant other than your spouse, the joint annuitant must be either a former spouse or someone with an insurable interest in you. This means that the person is financially dependent on you and could reasonably expect to derive financial benefit from your continued life.

Blood relatives or adopted relatives (but not relatives by marriage) who are closer than first cousins are presumed to have an insurable interest in you. If you name such a joint annuitant (i.e., a former spouse or someone with an insurable interest) who is more than 10 years younger than you, you must choose a joint life annuity with the 50% survivor benefit. The only exception is for a former spouse to whom all or a portion of your TSP account is payable pursuant to a retirement benefits court order.

If the person named as your joint annuitant is not presumed to have an insurable interest in you, you must submit an affidavit (i.e., a certification signed before a notary public) from someone with personal knowledge that the named person has an insurable interest in you.
The certifier must know the relationship between you and the joint annuitant and must state why he or she believes that the named joint annuitant might reasonably expect to benefit financially from your continued life.”


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