TSP at 69


Q. My husband is 69 and turns 70 in February 2017. He took a job with the VA at the end of his career and became eligible for and invested in the TSP. He has a small amount in the TSP account, but most of his money is in Vanguard funds. My husband is now fully retired. Is there an advantage to rolling over his IRAs into the TSP?

A. The TSP is the best retirement investing environment there is and you should transfer any eligible money you can into it, unless there is a good reason not to. I don’t see anything in your post that would provide that reason.

The TSP is easy to manage and tax efficient. It will automatically send the RMD each year once you apply for it using form TSP-70. You’ll also have access to the G Fund, which offers a unique risk and return proposition note available from Vanguard.


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