Disability retirement and TSP withdrawals


Q. I retired under discontinued service retirement in 2015, however, I was under the minimum retirement age of 55. I have applied for disability retirement, which I’m still waiting for the Office of Personnel Management to approve. How long should I expect he process to take? Can I do anything to help speed up the process? I have been declared disabled by two physicians and provided all requested documentation to OPM.

Separately, can I start making withdrawals from the TSP? Can I make multiple withdrawals as funds are needed? Can I take the option for equal monthly installments and then periodically adjust the amounts or stop them and restart as needed?

A. You may request one partial lump-sum withdrawal using Form TSP-77. After or instead of that, you may request another partial lump-sum along with beginning monthly payments using Form TSP-70. You may adjust fixed-dollar monthly payments once each year in January. Visit www.tsp.gov for more information.


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