Inflation effect on G Fund


Q. I am nearing retirement and keep hearing that the G Fund is not a good choice as it does not even keep up with inflation. I have seen the charts on where they compare all the funds from inception vs. inflation, and they all outpace inflation, even the G Fund.

To determine if what I am hearing is true, I am interested in seeing the G Fund vs. inflation comparison for less than the time since inception; for example, since 2000 or since 2010 up to now, as I think that is more relevant than since 1987.

When I got into the TSP the G Fund rate was pretty high compared to now, and we may never see those rates again. Do you know of a site that has compared the G Fund vs. inflation since 2000 or 2010, for example?

A. I don’t know of any source that I would trust to make these calculations, or why they would be of any use. If you want them, I think you’ll have to make the calculations yourself, or find someone who is willing, and able, to make them for you.


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