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Q. I recently googled, “What is a CG Fund?” I clicked on the first topic that came up, which had your short article about how you have attended a U.S. Postal Service retirement seminar not sponsored by the USPS. Your writing made me raise my eyebrows as I had attended a similar seminar two months ago, which at the end she also threw the “pitch” of the CG Fund and how it can double our TSP and will never lose the initial investment no matter what happens to the market. 

Is there any way that you may forward me any material that can provide me more assurances of this CG Fund?  The lady said that she couldn’t sign me up until I was 59 ½. To which I told her in excitement, “I’ll be seeing you on Jan. 6, 2019.” 

If this a scam, I would like to know. 

A. I think you are confused. I have not written an article about attending a USPS retirement seminar. I have no idea what the CG Fund you are referring to really is, and you should never consider investing in anything that you do not clearly and fully understand. You should be suspicious since it sounds like you were receiving a sales pitch, rather than trustworthy advice. Caveat emptor, as they say.


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