Should I reallocate to 100 percent L Fund?


Q. I am a federal employee under CSRS, eligible to retire with max benefits in 2024 (41 years and 11 months) at the age of 60. My TSP distribution is 50 percent L 2020, 15 percent C fund, 15 percent S and 15 percent I funds. At the close of 2018 my balance was $340,295, which reflects a loss of $47,753. Should I move everything to the L Fund?

A. Your question is kind of like telling me you’re flying a plane, don’t know where you are or how to navigate and asking me whether or not you should move the controls. The safest thing to do at that point is to fly straight and level.

If you don’t know how to manage your account and you aren’t able to figure it out or willing to find someone who can to help you, then the best I can recommend is that you put your money into the L Fund that most closely corresponds to your life expectancy. That’s like flying straight a level.


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