403b transfer to TSP while still employed with 403b employer


Q. Do you see any advantage in periodically transferring funds from my 403b to my TSP? The 403b is invested in a life-cycle fund from Vanguard, so the fees I assume are pretty low. The only advantages I see are I currently have access to funds if needs in my TSP as I was a law enforcement officer and have provision to access this as I retired with over 20 years in federal law enforcement. But I don’t plan to withdraw for a long time (I’m 53) and perhaps the TSP fees are even lower then Vanguards? I assume transfers are allowed while I am still employed with my nonprofit.

A. You’ve mentioned a couple of potential advantages, and there may be more, including access to the G Fund. You should check to be sure that you are allowed distributions from the 403b plan while you are still employed, however.


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