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Q. Does it make since to invest in more than one TSP L Fund? I will be retiring within the next 5 to 10 years. I have a portfolio value of $420,000. I moved all of my money from 75 percent C stock fund and 25 percent F bond fund to 100 percent G fund trying to protect my assets during the first week of January to plan for a market correction. The market is still doing well and I regret that I moved all money to the G fund. I am going to move all money to the L2030 fund, but was thinking of allocating all future money to the L2040 fund. Am I making a good decision?

A. If you’re not sure what to do and you’d like your TSP account to support the maximum reliable lifetime standard of living in retirement, I suggest that you invest all of your money in the L Fund that most closely corresponds to your life expectancy.


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