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Q. I am a 24-year-old male Marine. I have all my money in the G Fund ($2,500), but I never knew anything about TSP. I never knew the control I had over my portfolio. The only advice I have is what I can remember from my high school economics teacher back in 2010. He told me that while I am young I can afford to invest in riskier funds. As I grow older and get closer to retirement, I need to relocate those to something like the G Fund. So today I put my future investments to go 70 percent, 20 percent…

Q. I am retiring in a few months. My retirement plan includes a monthly pension (about equivalent to my current net pay) and the money saved in my 401(k) and TSP. I do not get Social Security. I put two children through college and have expensive loans (7 percent) and a 6-figure balance. Does it make sense to pull the money out of my TSP and use it to pay the student loans off? The monthly student loan payments are approximately $1,500.

Q. I’ve been a federal employee for nearly five years now. My previous employer had a Money Purchase Plan and Retirement Savings Plan (401k) that has now totaled nearly $100k via Vanguard. What should I do with those plans since I have not touched them in 5 years? Should I roll them over somehow into the TSP or even an IRA?