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Q. I’m a current CSRS employee considering retirement after 34 years of service. With a $300,000 balance in my TSP account, I’m currently risk adverse and for the past two years been in the L Income Fund. I have read many of the questions about investing and found a familiar reply below. “I suggest that you invest your TSP balance in the L Fund that most closely corresponds to your life expectancy.” I am 61 years of age and hopefully will live until my early 80s. Isn’t the L2030 fund too risky for someone of my age?

Q. Will I continue to receive my supplement from the Office of Personnel Management until I reach 66½, at which time I would file for full Social Security benefit, rather than 62? Or does it stop automatically at 62? I want to hold off applying. I transferred from CSRS to FERS midway through my career and fall under WEP.

Q. I am a CSRS annuitant, having worked and paid into retirement for 34 years and retired now for six years, drawing pension. My wife is a paid-up Social Security contributor, who just turned 62. Aside from the question of when she would choose to initiate Social Security benefits, we have a question: We have been advised by a financial planner that the Government Pension Offset rules will reduce any Social Security benefits she can claim by two-thirds of our CSRS pension from my career. It seems there would be no reduction of her Social Security, but only of any Social…

Q. My wife is under CSRS Offset. She retired at age 61 and had her CSRS Offset benefit reduced last February when she turned 62; she turns 63 this month (January 2017). She has not applied for Social Security benefits. She is currently working at a job that is covered by Social Security. Her annual salary is $45,000. We don’t need the Social Security component of the CSRS Offset right now, approximately $800 per month. Is it to her advantage to apply for Social Security benefits now or should she wait until she turns 65? If she applies now, won’t her…

Q. I resigned from the federal government in 1989 and withdrew my retirement funds ( about $12,000 worth). I was reemployed in 2005 and am in CSRS Offset. I plan to retire in 2022. According the FHR Navigator benefit system, the redeposit I would owe as of Sept. 2, 2022, is $35,512 (withdraw amount plus accrued interest). Can I pay the amount of redeposit I owe (today, presumably less than $35,512) from a rolled over IRA with Vanguard?

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