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Q: I retired CSRS 15 yrs. ago and now at age 70 1/2 years old It’s time to select a qualified distribution from my TSP funds.  My Question is this; does my investment scheme remain the same after I start withdrawing money or does TSP move them to a fund of their choice?

Q: What form do I need to cancel medicare part B, I do not get social security benefits.   I get a CSRS pension.   I have GEHA health insurance.   Because I took out TSP savings my premium for medicare part B jumped to 246 dollars a month.   I want to cancel.

Q. I plan to retire on Jan 1, 2016, with 35 years in the United States Postal Service. I want to make a partial withdrawal from my TSP to put into a savings account for emergencies. I also want to start monthly payments beginning in January 2016 to supplement my CSRS retirement check. What TSP forms will I need to complete? If I submit the monthly payments form by the December deadline, will the January 1, 2016, start of the monthly payments be effected by my retirement date of January 1, 2016?

Q. I am a retired CSRS employee, and my wife is a retired FERS employee. I am currently 63 and my wife is 61. We are both covered under my FEHB insurance as part of my annuity. I keep reading about whether or not I should pick up Medicare Part B, but there does not seem to be a clear-cut answer. It seems to depend upon your health, current out-of-pocket expenses for medicine, office visits, etc., compared to the annual cost of Part B. I have seen several articles point out the 10 percent penalty for delaying enrollment. My question is, if…

Q. I have read that the VCP based on my age of 64 could pay as much as 8.8 percent in an annuity. Is that true? Can one elect a survivor benefit? And if so, at what cost/reduction? Who is the company behind the product?

Q. I am a federal employee and have been eligible to retire for a while, but I wasn’t ready until now. Within nine months I will have retired. I am one that converted way back when from CSRS to FERS. I am 67 and a half years old (already drawing my SSA, which I started at 65 when I reached 100 percent) and will be 68 and a half years old when I retire. Within 2 years after retiring, I will be required to start taking my minimum withdrawals. Several things: I am concerned with the recent money market fluctuations and…

Q. I am a CSRS employee, and I plan on retiring in 2016. I currently have 37 years of service. If I elect to contribute money (up to 10 percent of my lifetime earnings) to the Voluntary Contribution Program, I understand one option is to receive an annuity that will pay a yearly amount of approximately 9 percent of my contribution amount. I will be 65 in December of 2016.

Q. I am a CSRS offset employee. I retired from federal service when I reached age 55 with 30 years service. When I reached age 62, my CSRS offset annuity was reduced by the Social Security retirement applicable, even though I was not drawing Social Security. I did not apply for Social Security until I was 65. Is there a way to recover the Social Security payments I lost from age 62 to 65?

Q. Earlier in my career I was employed under the Civil Service Retirement System. When I left the government, I withdrew my retirement contributions. Several years later, I was rehired by the federal government and brought in under the Federal Employees Retirement System. Now I’m contemplating retirement and have the option to deposit my CSRS withdrawal in order to receive a CSRS annuity in addition to a FERS annuity. Can I directly repay CSRS with a portion of my TSP funds?

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