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Q. I am a FERS employee age 47 with 27 years of service. I am currently on FMLA and will be resigning and applying for medical disability retirement. I know I can withdraw from my TSP but am not clear on the annuity option tax penalty. I want to withdraw funds to sustain me while waiting for a decision on my disability retirement. A. If you receive a TSP distribution before you reach age  59 ½, in addition to the regular income tax, you may have to pay an early withdrawal penalty tax equal to 10 percent of any taxable…

Q. When I retire I would like to pull money from my TSP (partial lump) to pay back a redeposit owed to my FERS. Can that be done and, if so, is the money taxed or suffer any other penalty? I will be 59 and 4 months upon my retirement Dec. 31, 2019. The redeposit is due 6 months prior to my retirement date. The amount I am paying back is $25,000.

Q. I am permanently, totally disabled from my doctor after neck surgery. I am FERS, starting in 1990. I retired from the U.S. Postal Service on disability retirement on 1-1-2017. I am thinking of withdrawing $1,000 a month from my TSP on a full payout. Will this affect my Social Security I am receiving, or affect my pension? Do TSP withdrawals affect disability retirement pay in any way?

Q. If I take the VERA at age 55, can I roll my Fidelity IRA into my TSP and take monthly payments for all of it starting at 55 without the 10 percent penalty? Also, what is the time lag typically from retirement to get your first FERS annuity payment and TSP monthly payment? In other words, how long would I be out of pocket when I retire until those payments kick in?

Q. I am in the FERS retirement plan with 30-plus years of service and a plan to retire at age 63 with 42 years of service. I have most of my TSP money in the traditional TSP, but have recently began putting all of my contributions and catch up contributions into ROTH TSP only. I would like to avoid required minimum distributions on my ROTH TSP funds when I retire by transferring this money out of the TSP system into a brokerage account. Is this possible?

Q. I just retired under FERS at MRA and on an immediate retirement. As such I am curious about pending legislation that would broaden my TSP withdraw options. If I understand correctly, as written I have few choices currently: lump sum or monthly installments based on life expectancy. Neither option is appealing, as I may need more or less once I understand my financial situation in retirement. I was considering rolling over my balance to another institution so that I had more flexibility in terms of access to my savings. I hesitate because I heard that the TSP rules may…

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