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Q. Required minimum distribution requirements will put me close to the Medicare cut off, so I need to reduce my TSP balance by converting current TSP money, by changing contributions to go into a Roth TSP or by selling mutual fund investments that are causing taxable gains every year. I plan to retire Jan. 3, 2020. I am already 70.5 years. Would one of these options be better than another or is there another option that you could suggest?

Q. When my husband, a federal employee who carried the FEHB, died, I continued his FEHB for myself, paying monthly premiums. I signed up for Medicare Part A about six months ago. I am also a federal employee, plan to retire this year and will continue paying my husband’s FEHB premiums so I will have coverage in addition to my Medicare Part A. My question is: Do I need to purchase Medicare Part B now or when I retire, or not at all?

Q. What does Social Security consider substantial earnings? It says if you have more than 30 years of substantial earnings, the windfall elimination doesn’t apply. I have 32 years of taxed Social Security earnings and 37 years of taxed Medicare earnings, but I am not sure what substantial is.

Q. I recently retired from federal service without adequate information on purchasing Medicare Part B. On the surface I was wondering if it made any sense to expand my health insurance beyond what I was getting as a full-time employee. I was unable to find a source where someone actually did an economic analysis of the issue. From my standpoint, it is an economic decision: I can afford to pay either way. I have Kaiser health insurance in northern California, and it seems to save $5 when I see a doctor if I pay for Part B; $10 for a prescription. This…

Q. My family and I are covered by the federal Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) program through my federal position. My wife, who is older, will be 65, (I am 57) in a couple of months and has just filed for Medicare Part A coverage. I asked the local BCBS representative for our agency when and whether she would need to file for Medicare Part B part. The representative said when I retire, my wife would need to file for Part B coverage. Would having and paying for Part B with the BCBS policy be redundant coverage?

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