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Q. My family and I are covered by the federal Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) program through my federal position. My wife, who is older, will be 65, (I am 57) in a couple of months and has just filed for Medicare Part A coverage. I asked the local BCBS representative for our agency when and whether she would need to file for Medicare Part B part. The representative said when I retire, my wife would need to file for Part B coverage. Would having and paying for Part B with the BCBS policy be redundant coverage?

Q. I turned 65 last October and was under the impression that I had to sign up for Medicare. I am a retired Federal Aviation Administration employee with Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance. I have three prescriptions and a regular, semi-annual medical exam. With BCBS I pay $25 co-pay for each office visit. My co-pay for my quarterly prescriptions with only BCBS is around $22. I am paying $365 every quarter for medicare and it eliminates my semi-annual co-pay for physical exams and reduces my quarterly prescription co-pay to $5 — so roughly $200 in routine medical expenses with BCBS and…

Q. I am 64 years old, retired under CSRS and receive a pension of $3,954 dollars monthly. I paid enough to be eligible for Medicare, but I don’t have enough quarters to receive Social Security benefits on my own. My wife is currently receiving a Social Security pension of $1,359.90 monthly. Am I eligible for a Social Security Spousal benefits?

Q. I worked for the United States Postal Service from 1978 through 2013. During that time I never paid Social Security. I am almost 58 years old. In 2013, I remarried, and my new wife has paid Social Security her entire life. She is six years younger than me. My only Social Security contributions came as a kid. And if I remember correctly I have about nine quarters earned. When I turn 62, am I eligible to receive dependent Social Security benefits? I did pay Medicare tax.

Q: What form do I need to cancel medicare part B, I do not get social security benefits.   I get a CSRS pension.   I have GEHA health insurance.   Because I took out TSP savings my premium for medicare part B jumped to 246 dollars a month.   I want to cancel.

Q. I am a retired CSRS employee, and my wife is a retired FERS employee. I am currently 63 and my wife is 61. We are both covered under my FEHB insurance as part of my annuity. I keep reading about whether or not I should pick up Medicare Part B, but there does not seem to be a clear-cut answer. It seems to depend upon your health, current out-of-pocket expenses for medicine, office visits, etc., compared to the annual cost of Part B. I have seen several articles point out the 10 percent penalty for delaying enrollment. My question is, if…

Q. I am a FERS retiree, and I also draw Social Security disability. My wife is 69 years old and draws Social Security. Does she need to get Medicare Part B? She is under my health insurance under the FEHB; she has been covered since 1989. I am only 57.