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Q. My agency, Veterans Affairs, is firing many employees for performance under the VA accountability act. I have 28 years of service after buying back seven years of military service and am 49. Will I get non-reduced retirement and access to my TSP withdrawals if I am given involuntary separation due to performance?

Q. Under the TSP partial withdrawal option, I can rollover a portion of my balance after I retire to an IRA. There is nothing that tells me when or how I can access the remaining balance. Under the full withdrawal option I can rollover a portion of my balance to an IRA and get the remainder in immediate monthly installments. I would like to rollover a portion but possibly delay distribution of the monthly installments for approximately one year. Can I do this under the partial withdrawal option? I am FERS, 57 years old with 30.5 years of service when…

Q. I am planning on retiring sometime after September 2019, which is when I know the TSP withdrawal rules are changing. I want to know if, after September 2019, I would be permitted to do the following: withdraw 20 percent of my balance to pay off outstanding bills; use 40 to 60 percent to purchase a Met Life annuity; and/or leave the balance in my TSP account invested in the L Fund that most closely corresponds to my life expectancy. (My intent would be to take actions one and two at the same time.)

Q. I plan to leave civil service next year after 17 years of service and to defer applying for retirement until age 62. Can I start monthly withdraws from my TSP account immediately after I leave federal service or do I have to wait until my actual retirement date at age 62?

Q. I plan to retire on December 31, 2018, with 33-plus years of service. I am 58 years old and will be eligible to receive the Social Security supplement until age 62. If I draw down a portion of my TSP upon my retirement as lump sum, will that be considered regular income for me for the year and will offset my supplement? Say I draw down $50,000 or more as a lump sum, will I lose my supplement for that year (2019)?

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