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Q. I plan to retire under FERS in three years at age 65 with 10 years of federal service. My TSP balance is $130,000. I also have a rollover IRA with our financial adviser from a past employer with a value of $150,000. Would it make sense to roll over my IRA into a TSP now? I’m paying a 1.25 percent annual management fee on the $150,000 and earning about 4 percent annually. A steady 3-4 percent return would be my goal within TSP, as I am getting close to retirement. Would the age-appropriate L Fund be my best bet?

Q. I have 27 years as a federal law enforcement officer under my belt and four before I am mandatory. If I retired on disability, would it affect my 401k and health insurance? I had a kidney transplant in 2011 and open heart surgery for aortic sleeve and valve replacement. I need my current health insurance just to help me with medication costs. Could I access my 401k while waiting to be approved? How long does one receive disability retirement assistance?

Q. I am a federal employee contributing the maximum to TSP (Traditional). I currently own a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA, and my wife owns a Roth IRA. As our combined income will soon exceed the threshold for the standard approach to contribute to our Roths, I am investigating strategies to utilize the back door approach to making Roth contributions. The fact I still have a traditional IRA is the issue — it is comprised of $12,000 of after-tax contributions, and $48,000 of pretax earning thus far. If I use the back door approach, I would have a large…

Q. We are approaching the age to take required minimum distributions from our TSP accounts as well as three IRAs. The IRS allows one to take the entire calculated RMD from a single IRA (rather than each account) to satisfy the RMD. Can the TSP’s mandatory RMD be declined if one is taking the total calculated RMD from an IRA outside of TSP? If not, it might make sense to roll over our TSP accounts to IRAs to be able to use the combined withdrawal rule.

Q. I was terminated from my position with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (I later got my job back through arbitration), and I’ve withdrawn money from my TSP. I was forced to pay a 20 percent penalty and another 10 percent on top of that. I was told I may be able to get back the 20 percent because it was from a termination. Is this true? If so, how do I accomplish this?

Q. I am a 24-year-old male Marine. I have all my money in the G Fund ($2,500), but I never knew anything about TSP. I never knew the control I had over my portfolio. The only advice I have is what I can remember from my high school economics teacher back in 2010. He told me that while I am young I can afford to invest in riskier funds. As I grow older and get closer to retirement, I need to relocate those to something like the G Fund. So today I put my future investments to go 70 percent, 20 percent…

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