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Q. I am on CSRS,over 59 1/2 years old, and thinking of withdrawing my TSP and putting it in a personal account. If, for example, I have $50,000 to withdraw, and there is a 20% tax penalty, as I understand it, this means I receive $40,000. Now, is $50,000 added to my income for tax purposes, or is $40,000 added to it? If it is $50,000, can I include the 20 percent penalty as tax deducted from my income on my tax return?

Q. I’ve been a federal employee for nearly five years now. My previous employer had a Money Purchase Plan and Retirement Savings Plan (401k) that has now totaled nearly $100k via Vanguard. What should I do with those plans since I have not touched them in 5 years? Should I roll them over somehow into the TSP or even an IRA?

Q. I became a federal employee in August 2012. Until recently, I was only contributing three percent of my income, but I was recently promoted and am able to contribute five percent. I have approximately $10,000 in my TSP and would like to retire in about 27 years (at which point, I will be 67). I’ve been contributing 95 percent to the 2040 plan and an additional five percent to the G Fund. Is this too conservative? The TSP is the only retirement account I have. Given the current market climate, what should my fund allocations be? My current salary is $63,722. I hope…

Q. I am retiring at the end of January 2016, and I turn 55 in February 2016. I want to make a partial withdrawal from my TSP, then begin monthly payments in the amount of my choosing, beginning in 2017. What forms do I use for this? Since I am retiring, do I have to wait to be notified by TSP?

Q. I am planning to retire within months of hitting 20 years in the government, which will be in September 2016. I will be 57 years old at that time. I will wait until I’m 60 to take my annuity, so I need to fund my existence out of savings for two years or so. My husband currently collects a military retirement and is a federal employee, too. He will quit when I do and will have about eight or nine years in the government. He will also wait so that his payments aren’t reduced. Our only income for the “gap” will…

Q. I took a partial payment from my TSP recently and 20% was automatically taken for federal taxes. How much do I need to pay for Maryland state taxes?

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