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Q. I will turn 70 in July 2014. Is 2015 the first year I will be required to receive the required minimum distribution? Who decides the date and month of annual distributions? A. You must complete your first RMD by April 1 of the year following the calendar year in which you reach age 70½. You may take the distribution however and whenever you like, as long as the required minimum amount has been withdrawn by the deadline for each year.

Q. Upon turning 70½ years of age, one must begin taking required minimum distributions. The only exception is that the first distribution can be delayed until the following year. This serves to reduce taxable income in the 70.5 year, but increases taxable income since there would be two years’ worth of distributions in the next year. Can a part of the RMD be taken in the 70.5 year, with the remainder being carried over to the next year? A. Yes.

Q. I started taking 4 percent of my Thrift Savings Plan when I retired. When I reach 70½, will I have to make a total withdrawal or will I be able to take life expectancy payments? I am CSRS Offset if that makes a difference. A. You may change the amount of fixed monthly payments once each year or you may switch from TSP calculated payments to fixed payments, but not the other way around. See the publication at for info.

Q. I have been taking monthly withdrawals from my Thrift Savings Plan account for several years. I will turn 70½ this year. Do my prior withdrawals affect the amount of the required withdrawals? A. The required withdrawal each year is based entirely on the closing balance in your account at the end of the calendar year preceding the year for the withdrawal.

Q. I am retired CSRS. I was born Nov. 15, 1942. Therefore, I’ll be 70½ on May 15. 1. When will I have to start taking payments from my Thrift Savings Plan account? 2. Can I wait until January to March 2014 before I get my first payment? 3. What is the minimum I will have to take? 4. I do not want a total lump-sum payment. 5. Do I have to take a monthly payment, or can I get my minimum payment once a year? 6. What form do I need to submit to get minimal payments each year? 7. Can…

Q. I have to withdraw my Thrift Savings Plan because of my age (70½). I am indecisive as to: 1. Withdraw all to a saving account 2. Get a partial withdrawal for 120 months, or 3. Withdraw part of it and gradually withdraw the rest over a 10-year time span. My considerations are: 1. No taxes, as I understand it, over a period greater than 10 years on a gradual withdrawal 2. Putting me into a higher tax bracket. What advice or comments can you give me? A. Unless you can come up with a good reason – that is,…

Q. I am a FERS employee who will turn 70 in September. I fully expect to be working at 70½. Will I be required to take the minimum withdrawal from my Thrift Savings Plan account if I’m still working? A. As long as you are still working for the federal government, distributions from your TSP account will not be required.

Q. You have suggested that individuals invest their TSP funds in the life cycle fund most closely approximating their life expectancy. Would that still apply to a CSRS employee who does not anticipate accessing funds until age 70½? A. Yes, but keep in mind that this was my advice to those who are not sure what else to do.

Q. I am 70½ years old and about to retire under CSRS. If I use my Thrift Savings Plan account to purchase a MetLife annuity, how are the required minimum distributions handled? A. Life annuity payments satisfy the RMD for the amount of money used to buy the annuity.

Q. I am 64 years old and will be retiring in a year. I have 15 years with the federal government. Do all of my Thrift Savings Plan contributions have to be withdrawn prior to a specific age? I also understand that my total TSP account will be charged 20 percent. Am I to understand that after the 20 percent is subtracted from my TSP account, I have to pay income taxes per year for withdrawals I make from my TSP account that will be added to my total gross income? A. You will be required to begin taking minimum annual distributions…

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