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Q. Should I consider paying off the balance of my mortgage (approximately $300,000) using a full withdrawal of my Thrift Savings Plan upon retirement if the mortgage payment is more than the TSP annuity anticipated and the balance is adequate to make the payoff? A. I can’t tell you if you should, but if I were responsible for managing your retirement plan, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Q. I plan to retire from the federal government in the near future (I will have 32 years). I wish to pay my house off ($74,000) with my Thrift Savings Plan earnings. Is this a good idea? The interest rate on my house is 5.75 percent, and I realize that 20 percent will be taxed when I decide to withdraw from TSP. Should I transfer to an outside facility? I do not wish to have a house payment when I retire. A. It’s impossible to say whether this is a good idea for you without understanding and analysis beyond the…

Q. I am 67, retired, and I am considering withdrawing $21,000 from my Thrift Savings Plan to pay off my home mortgage payments of $500 a month. I’m helping two grandchildren with college and the $500 a month is rough. What would my tax liability be on $21,000? A. The only way to answer this question is to prepare your tax return for the year of the withdrawal.

Q: I wanted to have my house paid off by the time I retire in 2025. I am over 50, and the yearly payment needed to pay off my house would equal my Thrift Savings Plan catch-up contribution; I can’t do both. Would you recommend paying off the house or paying more into the TSP account? A: It depends upon your assumptions about the future and your circumstances. With what little I know about you (virtually nothing), I can only recommend that you carefully consider keeping the mortgage and making the TSP contributions.