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Q: I am retiring Dec. 31, 2010. I will be 55 years and 11 months old with 35 years of service. I would like to leave my Thrift Savings Plan monies, but make one withdrawal only and leave the rest until I either have to take withdrawals or need additional income to supplement my pension. Can I make the one withdrawal without paying the 10 percent penalty? A: Under the circumstances you describe, you will be allowed one partial withdrawal after you retire, without penalty. You may then take a full withdrawal — either in monthly payments or a lump…

Q: If I retire from the Postal Service this next year, can I draw monthly payments from my TSP account before I am 59 1/2 without penalty? A: Yes, if you: 1. Retired during or after the year in which you reached age 55; or 2. Take them as series of Substantially Equal Periodic Payments under IRS rules; or 3. Meet one of the other exceptions to the penalty outlined in the notice you’ll find at — Mike Miles

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