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Q. I am 52, and I have all my TSP money in the C Fund: $187,000. I probably will not retire until 62 or 65, and by that time I will have 30 years of government service. Which L Fund should I switch to, and should I make a lump-sum move now?

Q. I’m a FERS participant and a big supporter of the TSP. I’m not a huge fan of not being able to change distribution amounts more than once a year and not a fan of not being able to choose which fund(s) the distributions come from. Do you think either of these two issues may be modified in the future? A. I know of no plans, but both are possible.

Q. I have approximately $4,500 to repay on a TSP loan. I want to retire in five years, so I’m trying to build up my TSP. Am I better off to let the loan run it’s course, or am I better off putting the additional contributions toward the loan?

Q. While still employed in the federal government, can I re-deposit the money I have withdrawn to an outside IRA back into the TSP prior to full retirement? A. You may transfer an eligible (contains no after-tax money) IRA balance into your TSP account at any time.

Q. Are FERS retirement checks, TSP distribution checks and Social Security checks a monthly or bi-weekly distribution? Is there an option to make requests for either method? A. All are monthly.

Q. I’m a CSRS employee with 34 years of service. I’m 53 years old and plan to work until I’m 58 years old. I have $15,000 that I want to invest. Would you recommend putting it into the Voluntary Contributions Program? I have a balance in TSP also.

Q. My husband and I are 51. We will retire in about 10 years. How do we find the right financial advisor that will help us understand what we need for retirement, and  what we need to do if we won’t have enough to meet our needs?

Q. I am 63 and will be retiring under FERS probably within the next two years. Am I allowed to have my long-term girlfriend on my TSP annuity? A. Maybe: “If you chose a TSP annuity that provides for a joint annuitant other than your spouse, the joint annuitant must be either a former spouse or someone with an insurable interest in you. This means that the person is financially dependent on you and could reasonably expect to derive financial benefit from your continued life. Blood relatives or adopted relatives (but not relatives by marriage) who are closer than first…

Q. I am under the CSRS retirement system. I have 32 years of federal service. I am 56 and plan on retiring at 60. I contribute to the TSP, $17,500 per year and an additional $2,600 catch-up to the TSP per year. I am a GS-13/7. My high-3 would most likely be at this pay grade. How can I calculate how much my monthly annuity would be upon retirement so my financial adviser will have a better understanding of my situation upon retirement? I know about the ballpark estimates, but I would like something a bit more concrete. When do…

Q. I was just hired by the VA (NTE only lasting 2 months, Excepted) at age 58. How long must I work before I am eligible for a monthly pension? How long must I work before I am eligible to keep retirement thrift plan? How long must I stay before I am eligible for retirement medical benefits?  I am assuming that I will find a permanent job but does this NTE time count toward something?

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