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Q. Regarding the Thrift Savings Plan and what can be deposited into my active TSP account: I was previously employed in a nonfederal job for which I had a 401(k) plan in which I was fully vested. After leaving the company’s employ, I rolled the 401(k) into an IRA. Now, I am thinking about taking the IRA and depositing it into my TSP. Is this allowed? Is there a maximum amount that can be rolled into the TSP? Where should I look to get the appropriate forms? A. You may transfer an unlimited amount of pretax money from a 401(k) or IRA…

Q. I recently transferred my “entire” traditional Individual Retirement Account from Fidelity to the Thrift Savings Plan. When I started the IRA in 1983, I opened it with pretax money. From that, there was a front load cost. To the best of my knowledge, they rolled all of it over. How does that affect the tax situation?  Is that previously taxed money identified? A. When you moved it into the TSP, you signed a statement that it was all pretax money. It will all be taxed as ordinary income when withdrawn.

Q: Will my Thrift Savings Plan withdrawals be taxed at retirement by the state of New Jersey? A: Making a contribution with after-tax dollars typically creates “tax basis” in your account. As long as you keep good records on the amount of after-tax money you contributed to the account, you should not have to pay tax on those dollars again when withdrawn. I’m not an expert in New Jersey tax law, though, and you should consult a certified public accountant who is for specific advice.