Q. I plan on retiring Dec. 31, 2017. I will be 56 years old — my minimum retirement age — with 33½ years of service. I’m employed in a covered law enforcement position (DHS-CBP). My current TSP balance is approximately $465,000, and I only contribute to the basic TSP, not the TSP Roth. I would like to take a partial ($100,000) at retirement to pay off my house and also take a monthly set amount. Can I do both? Would I be subject to any early withdrawal penalty (under age 59½) on the partial $100,000 that I would use to pay off…

Q. I recently started a job as a civilian with the federal government. I’m 46 years old and I’m using the TSP retirement system. What fund should I use to maximize my money while adding 5 percent to the G fund. Should I change the allotment to another fund on the list?

Q. I am 46 years old with 12 years of federal service under my belt. I am in the FERS system. I plan on working another 19-20 years. I currently contribute 7 percent to TSP, split up between the life-cycle funds 2030 and 2040. I would like to be able to contribute 15 percent, but at this time it is not possible. Would I be better off stopping the TSP and contributing to Roth — or a combination of both?

Q. I agree with you that the TSP is hard to beat when it comes to maintenance costs, etc. However, the TSP’s limited options when it comes to withdrawing the money don’t fit into my retirement plans. I’m considering using the TSP partial withdrawal option to roll over about half my TSP into a Vanguard IRA when I retire. At a later date, I’d use the full withdrawal option to move the rest of my money into the Vanguard IRA. That way I’d have some money readily available to me and I’d be leaving some in the TSP for as long as possible. Is there anything that…

Q. Recently, legislation known as the Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act was passed, which would amend the tax law to allow special category employees to withdraw money from TSP accounts prior to age 59½ without incurring the 10 percent IRS tax penalty. I am a military technician with 33 years of service. I know military technicians are special category employees. Would I qualify for this provision?

Q. I have a TSP plan from when I retired from federal service at age 49 in April 1994. I left my TSP funds in the program. I turned 70 on Dec. 22, 2015. Now that I am older than 70, what are my options? Is it mandatory for me to begin taking this money out? If so, what are the deadlines involved?

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