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VCP and Roth IRA conversion


Q. I’m a CSRS employee nearing retirement. I have read numerous articles touting the advantages of opening a Voluntary Contributions Program account with up to 10 percent of your lifetime civil service earnings and then converting it to a Roth IRA at retirement. In your professional experience, would you recommend qualified individuals follow this approach? Are there potential pitfalls I’m unaware of? A. I certainly recommend that you consider it. I don’t know of any pitfalls other than botching up the transactions and violating some rule. I suggest that you pursue it with the help of a qualified tax adviser…



Q. I have seen various information online that the Voluntary Contributions Program conversion to Roth IRA was still available in 2013. Does anyone know whether this is still the case in 2014? A. As far as I know, it is still allowed. You should check with your tax preparer before you proceed, however.

VCP to Roth


Q. I am confused about the five-year rule for Voluntary Contributions Program funds rolled over into a Roth IRA. If a Roth IRA has been funded for five years, is there still a five-year withdrawal waiting period for funds transferred from a VCP account into that IRA? A. The five-year clock applies to each conversion, but how it will affect you isn’t clear from the information you’ve provided. The answer depends upon your age and how much you withdraw. I suggest that you read Internal Revenue Service Publication 590 and consult a CPA before proceeding.

VCP Roth conversion follow-up


Q. This is a follow-up to a prior question. I had asked whether converting my Voluntary Contributions Program account to an existing contributory Roth IRA would be taxable in light of the fact that I had pretax money in the Thrift Savings Plan. You had advised that it appeared to be a nontaxable event but that I should check with my CPA. I do not have a traditional pretax IRA. My CPA didn’t know anything about it, so I asked an expert in the field. The expert cautioned me not to roll over my pretax TSP into a traditional pretax…

VCP conversion to Roth


Q. I am 66 years old and plan to retire in 2014, at which time I would transfer (convert) my Voluntary Contributions Program monies directly into a newly created Roth IRA. However, I have an existing (non-TSP) Traditional (substantial) IRA (never taxed), and know the Internal Revenue Service will aggregate my Traditional IRA balance for purposes of determining the taxability of this VCP-to-Roth conversion. If, prior to retirement, I (in 2013) transfer (direct rollover) my Traditional IRA into my existing Thrift Savings Plan account, will those monies now be considered 401(a), and therefore, making my subsequent VCP-to-Roth conversion occur with…

VCP rollover


Q. I am 73, retiring March 1. Is it possible to transfer or rollover my entire Voluntary Contributions Program balance into my Thrift Savings Plan account at my age? A. Only the untaxed earnings may be rolled over into your TSP account. The contributions may be rolled over to a Roth IRA account.

Refinancing and VCP


Q. I am a 59-year-old federal employee with 34 years of service under CSRS. I am retiring soon and heard about the Voluntary Contributions Program. I don’t have a wad of cash except accessing some of the equity in my home (I have about $200,000 of equity, and I could pull up to $100,000 out).  Is it worth refinancing (at a low 3.5 percent) to access the money and use the VCP to convert it into a Roth IRA? A. Probably not, unless you need the cash for expenses.

VCP to Roth IRA


Q. I retired from federal service last year. The Office of Personnel Management made a direct rollover of my Voluntary Contributions Program after-tax contributions to a Roth IRA, and a direct rollover of my interest earned on those contributions to my Thrift Savings Plan account. However, OPM will not issue 1099Rs documenting these two direct rollovers, forcing me to file Form 4852 “substitute for 1099-R” with my 2012 tax return. This form requires these two direct rollovers to be identified with a distribution code. Of course, the Internal Revenue Service instructions aren’t that clear about which code is appropriate for each direct rollover.   It…

VCP into Roth IRA


Q. I am in CSRS. Can I still invest after-tax money in the Voluntary Contributions Program and then convert it to a Roth IRA, or have things changed in 2013? A. To the best of my knowledge, you can.

TSP maximum contribution or VCP?


Q. I am retiring in June under CSRS at age 54 after 31 years of service (Air Traffic Provision).  I have been working outside of the country for the past three years as a loaned executive and have had to pay my CSRS benefits out of pocket to keep my CSRS entitlement while outside of the country. During this period, I have not been able to contribute money into the Thrift Savings Plan since my salary is paid by the out of country organization where I am assigned. I will only return to the Federal Aviation Association for one month…

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