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Q. I am 61 years old with 21 years of FERS service. I plan to work a few more years. I moved money into my Thrift Savings Account a few months ago. I took money from my C Fund and added to the G Fund. I moved only the amount due to pay my mortgage off. Due to my age, was this a wise move and how safe is the G Fund considering the government’s debt? I have 40 percent in the G Fund, 30 percent C Fund and 30 percent in the S Fund. Would you recommend that I leave my money distributed as is?

A. You’re asking for specific investment advice — what’s the best way to achieve your particular goals considering your circumstances and preferences — which I can’t possibly provide responsibly through this forum. As for the G Fund, anything is possible, but I consider the G Fund to be a relatively safe investment with an unmatched risk-adjusted rate of return.


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