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Q: Can you comment on Thrift Savings Plan Pilot? I am five years from retirement and took a big hit from the last dip in the market. I need to maximize my TSP; how am I to know what the proper percentages are to allocate to the five funds?

A: I don’t believe that market timing services are a reliable way to manage a portfolio for retirement income. Like anything else, your assets should be managed to acheive your goals, not to beat this or that arbitrary benchmark. Asking how to determine the proper asset allocation to support your goals is kind of like asking how to fly a plane on a very long journey without providing the details about where you want to go, when you want to get there, and the plane and other resources you have available to you. Getting there safely will require some careful analysis, planning and management along the way. If you’re not a competent investment manager, I recommend that you find someone to help you who is.


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Mike Miles is a Certified Financial Planner licensee and principal adviser for Variplan LLC, an independent fiduciary in Vienna, Virginia. Email your financial questions to and view his blog at

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  1. I think as you get closer to retirement you need to analyze what your goals in retirement will be. Are you going to outright retire, run a business or work part time in your retirement. Typically as you get closer to retirement the more conservative your investment should be. The advice to seek a professional is very good as whatever the cost would be recouped in your investments. Unless you were to just get lucky and I don’t think you want your retirement riding on luck.

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